Buda to 'sport' new complex

​​​​​​BUDA – City Council authorized an agreement in June 2018 between the Buda Economic Development Corp. and Project Ace ownership group WAMSFTX for the construction of a new sports complex. 

Sunfield Station, located along Main St. and Campo Del Sol, is a 30,000-sf indoor multiuse sports complex that will primarily focus on indoor volleyball but will also include basketball and other sports.

The complex includes an associated sports retail center, totaling around 60,000 sf for the entire development. 

The project will include sports-focused businesses such as a fitness center, sporting equipment store, yoga center, physical therapy, and sports-related medical offices. 

Sunfield Station is expected to open in 2019.
08 August 2018, 08:02

Source: NewsTalk Texas RSS

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