Arab News editor highlights Saudi-UK ties

Fri, 2018-07-13 02:25

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Both Saudi Arabia and the UK are going through times of “tremendous change” — but remain steadfast allies as wide-reaching reforms and the Brexit process continue.

That was the message of Faisal J. Abbas, Arab News Editor-in-Chief, in a speech at the BMG Foundation Polo Cup, held in partnership with this newspaper.  

Addressing a lunch held during the sporting event, held near Cambridge in England, Abbas talked through the changes and challenges facing both Saudi Arabia and the UK.

“As you know — both kingdoms are going through tremendous change… and, of course, with such change comes many challenges,” he said. 

“In Britain, a sudden and unexpected vote for Brexit two years ago meant that the whole country needed to buckle up for a transformation it had seen nothing like for almost seven decades. 

“In Saudi Arabia, we are also going through unprecedented changes — while staying true to our core values.

“The exciting and challenging times we are living in Saudi Arabia can only be turned into a success by utilizing the passion of our young population, while turning to the expertise and knowledge
of most trusted allies worldwide can only accelerate and safeguard the process.”

Arab News also partnered with BMG to hold an investment conference at the London Stock Exchange Group on Wednesday.

Abbas said he agreed with Donald Brydon, chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group, who spoke at the earlier event about the UK being a “natural ally” to Saudi Arabia.

Abbas also reflected on the changes at Arab News, which relaunched in April.

“It is both an honor and a grave responsibility to label ourselves ‘the voice of a changing region’ as we take on a more global, more digital approach,” he said.

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