JLL: starting home prices in good school districts

​​​Starting price of homes in good school districts, top 20 metros.U.S. – Most comparisons of home prices look at city averages, but do not answer the question of what a family-sized home costs in an area with good schools—within commuting distance of a major city.

Considering the top 20 metro areas, which include suburbs, what is the starting price range for a standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in a great school district?

Using GreatSchools ratings filter in Zillow, JLL filtered for single-family home listings within the attendance zones of schools that rate 9/10 or 10/10, for elementary, middle, and high schools combined.

Dallas fares well alongside other top metros, and remains affordably priced despite being the fourth-largest metro area by population.

11 July 2018, 08:02

Source: NewsTalk Texas RSS

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