70 artisans feature handicrafts at Saudi Arabia’s Souq Okaz fest

Mohammed Al-Sulami
Tue, 2018-07-10 23:21

JEDDAH: Seventy male and female craftsmen from all over the Kingdom are taking part in the craft contest at the Souq Okaz in its 12th edition.
Dr. Faisal Al-Khamis, general supervisor of the National Program of Crafts and Handicrafts (Bari’) said the “Okaz prize for innovation and creativity in handcrafts” is worth SR300,000 ($80,000) and includes eight categories.
The contest aims to encourage men and women artisans to introduce their works and take them to new horizons, renewing the innovation in the field that Saudi Arabia is proud of.
Al-Khamis indicated that the arbitration criteria this year reflect the artisans’ distinction.
Eight associations and centers are participating in the Bari’ show for artisans.
The criteria this year focuses on four elements: Authenticity, innovation, distinction and the product’s economy and advertising. The arbitration committee is formed of five of the best local and international judges in different fields. The contest is divided into eight categories: Manufacturing of palm products, sadu (spinning and weaving of goat and sheep wool), manual carpeting, crochet and embroidery, manufacturing and carving of wood products, drawing or carving or hand-decorating any natural material, manufacturing of innovative handcrafts and heritage traditional works.

Artisans compete for SR300k award at Saudi Arabia’s Souq Okaz 11 July 2018, 08:01

Source: Saudi Arabia

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