Saudi Arabia’s air defences intercept a Houthi missile launched on Jazan

Fri, 2018-04-13 19:24

LONDON: Saudi Arabia’s air defence has intercepted a missile launched from Yemen towards Jazan.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition announced Friday that Saudi Arabian air defence systems have shot down a Houthi missile launched towards Jazan. 

The Saudi-led coalition spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki said, "a missile was launched Thursday by Iran backed Houthi militia from Sa’adah in Yemen towards the Kingdom". The Saudi Arabian Patriot anti-missile defence systems were activated and intercepted the missile that was directed towards civilian areas of ‘Jazan’ said al Maliki. He also added that no one was hurt as a result of falling fragments of the missile in ‘Jazan' that borders Yemen.   

Yesterday, Saudi air defense forces also intercepted a ballistic missile launched on Jazan. On Wednesday this week Iran backed Houthi militia launched ballistic missiles and drones targeting the capital, Riyadh, the cities of Jazan and Najran, and Abha airport.

The missiles were aimed at Riyadh and the two southern cities. One armed drone targeted Abha airport and a second drone was heading toward a civilian neighborhood in Jazan.

Iranian-backed Houthi militants have launched dozens of missiles in the past year, aimed at Riyadh and southern Saudi cities. 


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14 April 2018, 08:00

Source: Saudi Arabia

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