Texas, national housing prices exceed pre-recession levels

​​Housing Prices; a U.S. to Texas Comparison. National pre-crisis Peak: April 2006. Texas pre-crisis peak: July 2007. Peak to trough: down 33% vs down 13%. Trough to Current: up 51%, vs up 49%. Peak to Current: up 1%, vs up 29%.U.S. | TEXAS – According to a report by CoreLogic, national housing prices have returned to peak levels, increasing 51 percent since hitting market bottom in the recession.

In the report entitled “Evaluating the Housing Market Since the Great Recession,” CoreLogic noted that the average house price is 1 percent higher than it was at its 2006 peak.

In a national-to-Texas comparison, the pre-crisis peak date was July 2007 (versus April 2006 nationally). 

Trough-to-current prices in the Lone Star State increased by 49 percent; Texas’ peak to current price increase was 29 percent.

Between 2007 and 2009, the U.S. economy lost more than 8.7 million jobs, and during the Great Recession, housing prices fell 33 percent; in Texas, housing prices fell by 13 percent.
08 March 2018, 08:00

Source: NewsTalk Texas RSS

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